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Born in Ukraine. From an early age, she came to Japan for a performance in Japan at the age of 10 while working on the folk music band "Chervona Kalina", touching the bandra, the folk instrument of her hometown Ukraine. After studying vocal music, bandura performance techniques, and music theory at the Ukrainian Levski Music College from the age of 16, she returned to Japan in 2008 to relocate her music activity base to Tokyo.

Currently, as one of the few bandulists active in Japan, as a Ukrainian folk song, Russian folk song, Japanese song, classical pop, JAZZ, rock vocalist, as a vocalist of domestic tours and performances at live houses, etc. Activities. He has been actively engaged in activities such as holding domestic tours and performing at live houses.

We hold music concerts while making Ukrainian food.


2008 Banduriste released.
2012 Nippon Television's Nodojimanza! A foreigner from the world appeared on the famous song of Nippon until the finals.
2014 Radio appearance on "Yuri Osawa's Yu Yu Wide".
2014 Appeared as a diva of the Ukrainian embassy's favorite song on a program called Asahi Shima Ji Assortment II.
2014 Banduriste2 is released.
2015 Appeared on Musashino FM, Yokosuka Blue Shonan FM, Nishi Tokyo FM, Yokohama FM and NHK Radio.
2015 In the Asahi Shimbun "People" article,
After that, picked up in the Yomiuri Shimbun "Happiness Small Box" for 5 consecutive days.
2016 Featured in IBM ProVision magazine.
Appeared on NHK Earth Radio.
Appeared in TBS Made in Japan.
Featured in Tokyo Newspaper Tokyo Letter WELCOM.
Appeared on Yokohama FM Radio.
2017 Appeared on FUJI FM, FM U-LALA radio.
Released CD Hometown.
Appeared at BS JAPAN Music Intersection.
Magazines Music friends.
Selected for 5 consecutive days on the international information site Foresight.
Nippon Television Nodojima Man! A foreigner from the world appeared on the famous song of Nippon.

2018 Ongaku Intersection (Collaboration Collection # 8) Performed at MC Shufutei Koasa and Yasuko Otani.

Recorded vocalis and bandula in the anime "But the Sinner Dancing with the Dragon".

The Ring, Nidovork, Uncertain Sky no theme.

Appeared in Osaka FM.

Appeared on REDS WAVE 87.3 FM in 2019.

Performed at Yakushi-ji Temple in Nara.

Released CD My Music World.

Covered in the Mainichi Newspaper.

Nara Yakushi-ji Higashi Kanto Betsuin Suiunzan Shionji Temple (Ibaraki Prefecture)






Bandura is a folk instrument of my home country, Ukraine.


It had a structure and tone that had the characteristics of tweeters and lutes, and was played by blind people mainly in the Cossack era. Possibly, both the Japanese Biwa and the Ukrainian banduriste have similar musical backgrounds.


Bandura dates back to the 12th century.

In the 15th and 16th centuries it was played by the Polish king, and in the 18th and 19th centuries by a dedicated player serving the Russian court.


Bandura consists of about 50 to 60 strings and has a chromatic scale of 5 octaves.

Originally a bandura with a nostalgic sound, you can create various worlds depending on the music you play.


It is a little-known instrument in Japan, but please listen to it.

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